The Entrepreneur

Founding of Ventura Connect

Ishver Dholakia always stared at the skies in awe when he used to see planes flying by. It was when he was 20 years old, that he met a young and dynamic pilot, Sanjay Patel. Looking at the excitement in Ishver’s eyes, Patel had jokingly asked if he wished to fly the plan. Not needing any further invitation, he grabbed the steering and with Patel’s help, learnt how to maneuver left, right, up and down. He practiced often with Patel till the airport itself was shut down.

Later, during his stay at Newark, he lived close to the airport and watched in fascination when planes like Delta, Air India took off or landed.

He dreamt of flying a plane again and worked towards his dream of becoming a professional pilot by starting flight lessons at Rainbow Flying Academy, Surat Airport and got a Student License in 2006.

He realized that obtaining a Private Pilot License takes only two months in USA. So, in 2018, he obtained his PPL in just 18 days from FAA Department of Transportation, USA. Ishver had aced the test, where he displayed confidence, showed technical skills with full control of the plane, and displayed immense enthusiasm for flying next to birds through the clouds.

In line with his dream and in pursuit of his passion, he also launched a regional airline – Ventura AirConnect. The company has purchased some magnificent planes such as Cessna182 and DA42.

The Founder of Goldi Solar

Ishver has founded and mentored several companies –all of which are operating profitable businesses across a gamut of industries such as finance, diamond, jewelry, aviation, hospitality and many more.

Of all his business ventures, the one he is most proud of is Goldi Solar – India’s leading solar panel manufacturing company. Holding the reins as the Founder & Managing Director, he has been able to steer the company through the last decade to grow from a 10 MW to a 500 MW facility. The new manufacturing facility at Navsari will bring the capacity expansion to 2.5 GW.

Ishver was always passionate about the environment and was looking to make a lasting, positive impact on future generations. He realized that solar could do just that and help pave the way for a cleaner, accessible, economical and a more sustainable energy future. His research and focus led him to establish Goldi Solar in 2011.

He brought to solar precision, quality and perseverance from his 14 years of exposure in the diamond industry. In a short duration, he helped scale the company to new heights through providing hi-efficient and best-in-class, quality solar solutions. He is now ranked amongst “India’s 100 Most Powerful Business Leaders” by Solar Quarter.

Other ventures:

SRK diamonds is a USD 1.2 billion company started in 1964 by Govindbhai Dholakia who currently serves as the Managing Director of the company. SRK is now one of the world’s largest diamond manufacturers and supplies diamonds to some of the world’s biggest international luxury brands such as JC Penny and exports jewelry to Walmart. The domestic arm of the company sells to Tanishq, Damas, Kalyan.

Padmalaya Finserv is a financing company for solar solutions that aims to provide capital access to encourage and accelerate adoption of clean energy. The company finances solar power projects through quick and easy solar loans with simple documentation. The service is offered as an extension to Goldi’s solar power business.

Sunday Realtors is the real estate firm that develops residential towers. SRK Consulting is an IT company headquartered in Finland.